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Lend a quick hand Pretty Please

, posted: 27-Feb-2014 13:31

A friend of mine asked for my help.
They want to come up with a name for Travel site

The emphasis is on travel tips and advice from people that actually work in the industry.
People like pilots, agents, checkin staff etc. They will provide information anonymously.

Where .com is used assume that .co.nz is also available where .co.nz is used assume .com is not available.
(ctt.co.nz is short for clever travel tips )

Of course they are open to suggestion.....

Thanks to all those that helped I think the result is that non of them are usable
When at least 50% think none of the above or another name is better than th eone that scored the most
Time to rethink the name
They cam up with a fresh approach

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