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Review 001. Jabra Step Headset Reviews for the rest of us.

, posted: 13-Nov-2014 15:39

Saw these on PBT for $85 thought they would be worth a go.


The paired with mu Ipad mini instantly unfortunatly because as soon as they did, I received the sound of a cat being dragged over rocks!
They virtually have no bass whatsoever

They do however fit very well around the ears and are so light you wouldn't know you have them on

The controls are on the cord so you look a bit spastic as you try to alter the volume or take a call.

Tried to pair them with my windows 7 pc and then windows 8 no joy. Now that could be me not knowing what I am doing. I was  using those little Bluetooth dongles to connect, couldnt find all the drivers needed.

Anyway this is all imaterial as the bottem line is they sound I was going to say C*** but I suppose i better try harder! Tinny they sound Tinny

So I now have for sale a pair of Jabra step headphones/earbuds used for a couple of hours
They are excellent if you are tone deaf or listen to that rock and roll stuff! $85

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