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Review 003. Mivue Drive LM Update 22/11 vers 1.2

, posted: 20-Nov-2014 17:23

So picked this up yesterday after I had sold my 358 to a chap on here. $279 from Noel Lemmings. I still have my MY65T but tempted to keep it as you don't get much for them secondhand.
So ran the CD that comes with it on my win 8 machine and it automatically found updates downloaded maps as well as Australian maps no extra charge ,wasnt expecting that. I wil let you know how it goes using a all in one unit in a few weeks time.

I saw that you can get a rearviw camera attachment for $229 that links wireless to the unit. Sounds good well i just went on TM and bought one for $48 delivered. Not original. Will be interested to see if it works or is any good I will report Back

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So the rear view camera arrived today (Saturday) very quick service
this is the seller that supplied on TM "scp_imports_ltd"

So it was only $40 plus del but no instructions supplied

There are two parts to the unit the transmitter and the receiver fairly self explanatory
But on the transmitter side there are two bare leads black and red
I will ask supplier but I presume they are for power on the camera side

Supplier responded straight away
the transmitter needs to be wired up to your reverse light's, so when reverse is engaged the transmitter will turn on. 
Voltage: 12 volts 

I knew that :) Not!

The camera also is supplied with two screws I presume for mounting

Don't think I will get the chance to install today will follow up when next is done