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A simple offer?

, posted: 14-Feb-2015 15:21

I do not receive a lot of snail mail/physical mail these days. Courier yes, about once a day on average. The metal box , standing proud, in the drive receives few visitors, other than from the neighborhood dogs. But this morning there was a solo delivery. The local Newspaper Wanganui Chronicle was making me an offer. Sent to the actual address but for the “The Householder” I was about to toss it in the bin knowing that someone strong enough to hold a house didn't live here, I paused. Damm that word “FREE” on the cover!

I then fought for several seconds with the environmentally irresponsible clear plastic envelope, to access the contents. The offer was a free subscription of 5 weeks worth of the physical version of the Chronicle It would include receiving, also free the additional weekend guide .property guide and TV guide. How could i refuse! 

Firstly with all the “buzz” of late on the Internet about the success and potential of subscription based services, I had to complement the paper as an early adopter. Although like the websites who practice the same service the was no mention of the ongoing costs, of said service. Usually if you dig down deep enough into the website you can find the costs. The papers offer, had no reference what so ever of the potential ongoing costs I would be getting myself into. 

I went to the website address provided which had a fairly straightforward form to fill out and subscribe, still no mention of price.

I also noticed the lack of the website address for their online edition.

I must admit that I wondered what it would be like to go back in time…. For me that was 38 years ago. The 8am Guildford to Waterloo train. Almost three quarters of an hour in a smelly rail carriage. Fighting for control of a broadsheet newspaper, without smacking a fellow passenger in the face. Ah those were the days!.

I wondered whether it was my environmental responsibility to subscribe for the 5 weeks then cancel, hopefully to help with the inevitable demise of the physical paper and full transition to the online version.

In the end i continued the offers journey to my waste paper basket …. (Paper rubbish only for recycling).

I then thought maybe I will checkout the online version? Maybe not a complete waste of natural resources?


'I went to jail for my cause. What did you do?'

, posted: 12-Dec-2014 12:13

There is an embarrassing article on Wired this week by Peter Sunde a co founder of The Pirate Bay

I cannot speak for you but , for myself I am embarrassed to say that I fall pretty much in the take not give back category.
Sure I sign all the stop destroying the internet petitions and rejoice when another attempted bill is struck down.
But I also know that it is only a matter of time before the "Star chamber" wins and we lose.

anyway take 5 minutes and read the article and maybe join me in the corner embarrassed

Source Article Wired UK

"My feeling of some life-altering insight might be nothing but rants on the spoiled, lazy and naive parts of our internet community. And maybe I'm using those terms just to piss people off a little bit more. But hey. I went to jail for my cause and your TV shows. What did you do? You want that copy of Orwell's 1984 returned? I'll take one of the 25 copies I got sent to me in jail and send it back to you. Maybe you'll read it instead of just sending it to someone else to take care of." Peter Sunde

Review 003. Mivue Drive LM Update 22/11 vers 1.2

, posted: 20-Nov-2014 17:23

So picked this up yesterday after I had sold my 358 to a chap on here. $279 from Noel Lemmings. I still have my MY65T but tempted to keep it as you don't get much for them secondhand.
So ran the CD that comes with it on my win 8 machine and it automatically found updates downloaded maps as well as Australian maps no extra charge ,wasnt expecting that. I wil let you know how it goes using a all in one unit in a few weeks time.

I saw that you can get a rearviw camera attachment for $229 that links wireless to the unit. Sounds good well i just went on TM and bought one for $48 delivered. Not original. Will be interested to see if it works or is any good I will report Back

Navman Car GPS Navigator - MIVUE DRIVE LM - Banner

So the rear view camera arrived today (Saturday) very quick service
this is the seller that supplied on TM "scp_imports_ltd"

So it was only $40 plus del but no instructions supplied

There are two parts to the unit the transmitter and the receiver fairly self explanatory
But on the transmitter side there are two bare leads black and red
I will ask supplier but I presume they are for power on the camera side

Supplier responded straight away
the transmitter needs to be wired up to your reverse light's, so when reverse is engaged the transmitter will turn on. 
Voltage: 12 volts 

I knew that :) Not!

The camera also is supplied with two screws I presume for mounting

Don't think I will get the chance to install today will follow up when next is done