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HP Slate 7

, posted: 29-Jun-2013 15:34

I just picked up a HP 7 Slate for $215 from Harvey Norman. Avg price around $229.

Go get yourself one of these before HP realise they got there price point wrong! I would say this is a $299 mini Tablet easy. The build quality is really good they are fairly fast and easily runs android 4.1.1

Competes with Nexus (screen not quite as good) but I’m using as a ereader and I am quite happy

Ok after having the weekend to play with th e HP slate I may have ben a bit hasty in the applaud i gave for the device.
After a while and swapping between devices you do notice a certain lack of quality in the screen. Mind you if you if you don't compare you would never know. Also it may be the way i have it setup but the battery seems to not last as long as my fire use to . I was reading up about the Nexus 7 so I may give that a go see how it fares
It is still a crazy cheap price for what you get!!!

So anyone want a 3 day old slate for say $195 free delivery?


, posted: 25-Jun-2013 14:42


This actually looks like it could be good

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, posted: 9-Jun-2013 11:41

World English Dictionary

vlog ('vl?g) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]


a video journal uploaded to the internet


One of the things I like about living in this time is the amount of vocabulary we are adding to the English language. I would estimate that 5-7 years ago if I had said I am “vlogging” you would of thought that I was into some weird sort of bondage. Now we are all familiar with the term. The vlogging community however has really been restricted to YouTube and Daily motion type of sites.

Slowly but surly it is seeping in to main street culture. The way you can tell that's happening is the  references in the main stream media , the top “vloggers” being signed to talent agencies and YouTube Space building facilities that would make some TV production companies envious.

Its true that at present the target market would have to be the 14 to 35 year olds but of course that's one of the prime demographics to advertising agencies. That of course is where most of the top 1000 '”youtubers” get their income from advertising and if you weren't taking it seriously before check out the income of the top 100 vidstax . (On average 2million subscribers equates to a income of $25000 a month USD!)

I am not sure where it will all end up at the moment. Its like amateur dramatics with the Hollywood income. The difference for these performers is that the income is pretty regular and all a they have to do is put up a video of about 3-10 minutes a week featuring them and there life.

If you want to see what all the talks about click on the YouTube channel links on vidstax beside the channel.

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Red Wedding : TYT Comment

, posted: 5-Jun-2013 10:45

A comment I just couldn't resist from TYT on the controversial episode of Game Of Thrones Red Wedding

“Everybody loves the violence, lets keep it real ,we're America!”

The full report can be seen here

Game Of Thrones Red Wedding Reaction (SPOILER)

Watershed Moments…here comes another one!

, posted: 4-Jun-2013 22:12

My father spent most of his working life repairing typewriters, when electric typewriter's became common he gave it away as he said ‘I'm no electrician “

Watershed Moment

We had a black and white TV when I was growing up in a mahogany cabinet. Somewhere in my teens we got a plastic cased Colour one.

Watershed moment.

I bought our first computer that worked of two floppy discs to do our business accounts

Watershed Moment

I made a phone call from a east coast beach in Australia to my mother back in England on a mobile phone the size of a brick.

Watershed Moment.


I just got got rid of the phone on my landline.


What have been your Watershed Moments?

The Wait Is Over !!

, posted: 1-Jun-2013 21:03

Someone has gone and done it the wait is over ! Dont know who the clever people are but they have developed a pc desktop sms app that connects to a android phone JUST LIKE NOKIA DATA SUITE!!

Its amazing waited so long for this i can finally throw away that old nokia that sits on my desk just to send txt and use my android phone


Its called SMS Control Center and you can download it here  Download

And its Free!

The android app is on google play and you can link the PC to your phone by either  usb  wifi or bluetooth.

I used wifi and it literally took 5 mins to setup before i sent a test txt from my PC via my phone

In reverse a notification comes up on your PC when you have received a TXT!

The only thing that could have made it better is if they made an app for my 920 !

Powershop: The Concept

, posted: 31-May-2013 14:51

I changed over to Powershop several months ago. As a past marketer I was immediately fascinated by there concept or model or what ever the trendy current word is Oh ! hang on it might be process?

Whatever it was I just loved it! I felt the same respect for MacDonald's Marketing team, years ago. My kids were small and they asked if we could go to MacDonald's as they wanted to collect some plastic toy they were giving away that week ……… with every burger meal. Forget the food they hooked them on the toy.

But back to Powershop its beautiful they have managed to make it fun to pay your bill , but not only pay your bill, pay it in advance!!

It is fun to check how much you have spent on your Iphone or andphone they even make an app for windows 8 phones!!

And get this there logo is a smiley face! How cute is that!

Dont you just love them !! here take some more of my money!!

One of the best tricks (sorry marketing processes) Is to offer you special packs of power where you get to SAVE on the price of power .

Buy a $16.95 pack and the price per unit is xyz or Buy a $44.95 pack and save xyz

The site you interact with is extremely intuitive and makes spending money a 3 click operation (once you have registered)

Top Marks Powershop !

Now how can this model be applied to other items?

Petrol comes to mind or basically anything that you pay for on a regular basis.

I do acknowledge that power companies have the upper hand as its an item we have to have.

Check out there site if you haven't already you may be able to get some ideas from them.

Wouldn’t you like your customers to pay for there goods before they used them?

Telecom win a galaxy s4 contest

, posted: 22-May-2013 10:57

I guess that I like the chance of winning somthing for free like a lot of others So when Telecom asked me to enter by answering this question ..No problem

What would you do with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and heaps of data?
"Pretend that I was back in the UK where you get unlimited data and sms and voice for under 20 quid a month!"
Do you think I will win?

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