Google rings in the changes for Google Apps

, posted: 29-Apr-2011 11:16

If you have been considering free google apps for some time now may be the time to jump. Google have just announced a raft of changes to their free offering.Google Apps

For those that run their own domain Google Apps integrates applications and email services with your domain. I have been using the free service for some time now and love the fact that all my email from the last few years is available on demand. The search function means that if I need to find any email I have sent or received is instantly available.

Google apps free edition in the past has offered 50 accounts (in effect 50 gmail accounts) for free. If you required more than then you are required to pay $50 USD per account per year in advance.

The new changes mean that free accounts will be limited to a maximum of 10 email accounts. While this will probably be plenty for most people if you sign up before May 10 you should still be able to grab google apps with 50 users. Existing free Google Apps with 50 accounts are grandfathered.

Google are also introducing a $5 per month per user option with the ability to add and remove users at will and be charged accordingly. This is a welcome addition.

The killer feature missing from Apps currently is a mix of free and paid accounts within one domain. The ability to have one user with Apps for business while having other users on a free version would be a real winner for organisations.

You can read more about the Google Apps changes here

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Comment by Rupert, on 29-Apr-2011 23:28

I love Google Apps for little money has many services that work perfectly, I recommend you try it

Comment by michaelmurfy, on 1-May-2011 09:00

I pay a bit of money each year for mine, but also have the 50 accounts since I have had Google Apps for years on end on my domain. Google do a good job with this so I have no issues with paying them, saves administrating an email server.

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