So.. What to do with all the devices in the drawer

, posted: 7-Feb-2013 15:05


It is very frustrating to try and find the right device buried in the drawer under the chargers and USB cables.

I don't see why it is an issue to have the laptop on the dining table and the tablet on the coffee table but that is an argument for another day....

So, off to Warehouse Stationery I go and get one of these:

I managed to turn it into this:

So, now it holds all the devices where they are easy to get at. I was a bit concerned at the way the kids threw the laptop back in the holder so I hot glue gunned some neoprene that was lying around to the bottom bar.

A word of caution: It only works with slim laptops!

Now I am wondering if I have too many devices.....

Comment by dolsen, on 7-Feb-2013 15:30

"Now I am wondering if I have too many devices....."

No - there's still a free slot. You don't have enough devices...

Comment by freitasm, on 7-Feb-2013 16:23

Dolsen is right. You could fit a Microsoft Surface there...

Author's note by hairy1, on 7-Feb-2013 16:26

Hehehe! The Company HP Elitebook is not there as it is too fat so that could take up the last slot. Also the last slot is the nice flowery case for Caroline's laptop. Must think harder about what devices to add...

Comment by SepticSceptic, on 13-Feb-2013 10:01

Could do with something similar for the 8 or so remotes and xbox controllers I have lying around on the coffee table ... yes, I know there are universal remotes, but they are not always truely universal, and generally need to original remote for some occasional little-used function ...

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