The Beginning of the Start of Commencement

, posted: 26-May-2010 21:29

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my humble blog.  Being a Kiwi now living in Australia (temporarily), I do miss the lifestyle of home. Nevertheless, gaining plenty of valuable work experience here and enjoying the time "on the other side" of the ditch.

I will endeavour to post about all aspects of life here, and provide commentary on my love of the iPhone, Windows 7 (that's right, despite the iPhone!), Sony Vaios and technology in general.

Until next time!

PS - wanted a creative title so excuse my type innovation   Laughing

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New Zealand

A kiwi currently on an OE in Australia, working full-time.  

I love technology and everything about it, although I am not a whiz in programming.  

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Welcome to my blog!