The Importance of Your Office/Working Environment

, posted: 4-Jul-2010 23:32

We've all seen the photos of the environment Google employees work in.  It's comfortable, spacious, fun and relaxing.  It's quite obvious why Google does this - to foster creativity and encourage employees to feel like they are at home on the couch.  Don't the best ideas come when you are at home, either on the couch, or in the shower?  It makes total sense.

Why is it that workplaces - the majority of them - still persist in maintaining this draconian office layout, where employees are stuck in stuffy little cubicles and there's constant distraction from all corners of the "great-walls-that-seem-too-tall-to-climb"?

I believe if workplaces started to realise the standard office layout should be thrown out for something more unconventional, perhaps it could lead higher productivity, less stress, and lower staff turnover?

Following from my previous blog, I needed to "get out" to consider my marketing options for my website,  So this afternoon, sitting in the cocktail lounge in a city hotel with my laptop made me a firm believer in needing to be comfortable and relaxed to think outside of the square.  And no, no alcohol was consumed!:)

Time to reinvent office spaces employers!  And the most surprising part is... it doesn't have to cost a leg.

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Comment by nzscom, on 5-Jul-2010 16:20

Absolutely. We've got a very open office working environment. Best thing is the foosball table down the hall! Anytime we need to take time out, we just wander down and start up a game. :)

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