Twitter and Facebook - the new way to communicate with large corporations

, posted: 24-Jul-2010 13:03

Being an active Geekzone member, I come across many instances of people being unhappy with the service or product they have received.

Many of these stories end up being resolved either through a Tweet to the company concerned or a message on Facebook.  It's quite funny how many "complaints" are Tweeted or posted on Facebook pages. The sad truth is, calling large corporations no longer works - customer service reps all too often follow their book of rules rather than using their initiatives.  This is why I believe having a Twitter or Facebook account is beneficial.  

To large corporations, social networking is a wonderful way of advertising for next to nothing.  It can also backfire if their standards are not up to scratch.  Perhaps Twitter and Facebook may become the way to lodge issues in the future?  At least you are guaranteed to get a response!  

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Comment by freitasm, on 24-Jul-2010 13:39

You actually miss how many of those complaints are solved inside Geekzone itself... Remember "social media" is not only Twitter and Facebook, but it includes forums, newsgroups, blogs...

Author's note by heavenlywild, on 24-Jul-2010 13:59

That's quite true, Geekzone forums do solve a lot of the issues.  This is why the site is so popular I think!

Comment by muppet, on 24-Jul-2010 21:00

How long do you think this will work though?

I imagine this is like the invention of the Telephone, when previously the only way to complain was a letter. A phone! People pick it up and speak to you straight away! It's the new era!
And look where that is now...

Ok, kinda stupid, but you see what I mean? As soon as it becomes the usual thing to Tweet your complaint, the sooner that Twitter/Facebook corporate accounts will be monitored by drones with scripts, rather than actual real people as they often are now.

I also find your last sentence interesting, do you think that's the case? The amount of inane complaints I see on Twitter "Vodafone/Telecom why I don't I get coverage at X?" which get ignored (and I think, rightfully so) make me think that only the easily-fixable stuff gets answered.

@freitasm Agree with you, but that's like the old "Cracker/Hacker" argument. All us nerds tried to call it Cracking, the world called it Hacking. Ask most companies what they think Social Media is and they'll say Facebook & Twitter.

Author's note by heavenlywild, on 24-Jul-2010 21:40

Yeah, my bad, social networking is more than just Facebook and Twitter.  Call it Saturday morning brain freeze  

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