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A google edu video, Testing metro wifi. The development.

, posted: 11-Oct-2007 09:52

This video is about the developement of the hardware used to roll out wifi in a small town (googles home) as a beta test before rolling out across San Francisco.

Testing Metro Wifi

39 min - Oct 9, 2007

Google London Test Automation Conference (LTAC) Google engEDU September 8th, 2006 Presenter: Karl Garcia Credits: Presenter:Karl Garcia

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Comment by freitasm, on 11-Oct-2007 10:18

The San Francisco deployment was cancelled...

Link 1 and Link 2.

You should instead look at the Kordia and RoamAD model. There's a big difference between muni WiFi and metro WiFi. I explored this in my blog before.

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 11-Oct-2007 10:50

I thought some of the things they developed was an interesting use of technoligy.

Those PDA's looked like they would get nicked pretty often too.

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