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, posted: 17-Jan-2008 11:48

I have been thinking of the recurring thought and it's relationship between the waking brain and the sleeping mind/sub-conscious.

A recurring thought is a thought that goes over and over again inside the mind.
In a dream this style of thought is also present.

ie. the setting of the dream is in the same location. Or collecting a list of items from the supermarket or planning what to do just before sleeping. another example of a recurring thought, the brain processing of an event that has an 'if I had...' and the loop created on the list of conditions for change to the 'if I had...'

I have been trying to work out a relation with these style of thoughts and how they cross over between the mind wake and the mind sleeping.

It's like waking from a dream and how they continue after your wake, but its like the sounds off. The dreaming  mind is blinded by the overload of information thought the sences and enviroment.  But at its base in the mind the recurring thought makes it though into the random thoughts of the waking mind.

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Comment by mobygeek, on 17-Jan-2008 15:00

What about the dream in which you are having a dream? In this dream you wake up but you are still asleep and just dreaming.

I also have recurring dreams, thirty years on... It is the last day of school. Ever. The bell has rung, I am looking for friends and teachers to say goodbye to. The other motif is the school exam. It is My final year in school, I am in the exam hall, and I realise that I have already done the exams. I walk out, I wake up.

Must have been pretty traumatised, eh?

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