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Are Microsoft going Yahoo and stuff

, posted: 2-Feb-2008 03:22

Yahoo has been having a few problems the last few weeks have to lay of 1000+ people.

Now Microsoft is saying, here is $44.6billion us for Yahoo. Will it happen? Quite a few people have been predicting that Microsoft was going to buy them back in 2006.

They are a good match, I wish them well and hope they can both learn from each other. Like everyone.

Could this mean a change back for Xtra from Yahoo back to Microsoft. I don't think so mate.

I have had a thing with Yahoo, ever since they broke flickr. I use to be able to generate Slideshows based or a group of TAGS ie user+tag1+tag2 It was great for working with alot of data, But they changed it to just one tag. meh useless

TechCrunch had a great repot on the numbers.

Oh I was impressed with a few threads on Geekzone this week, ok sometimes my mental illness become very noticeable and have have to sit back and remove my feet from my gob. But the read profecional jurno's entering into a debate was a thrill and then to cap it off for being there, in the public, Malcolm Dick, Co-founder of CallPlus talking. Wow, I think I had a bit of a reality shift on that one. For Mal to come into a public like was strangely cool. Great PR for the opening to the Slingshot/CallPlus Geekzone forum. Nice One Stu

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