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, posted: 7-Feb-2008 17:20

them keysI recall that when I got my first computer, a C=64 and the 1st time I saw the message,


If you don't know the C=64 Keyboard, it has three layers of keys. So each key had the standard character + two symbols. It took a few seconds before I realised that my computer didn't have a "ANY" key hidden and it was meaning any key at all.

This made me think, as I had my morning coffee, how cool it would be to have keys like that, based around a programming language. Keys like AND NOT, well the basic logic instructions, would it have made programming easer. Then I had some cake, looked a buda and thought up a fake interview...

Reporter to Nintendo, "Some say the DS is stealing peoples Souls."
Nintendo replies "Don't worry you will get it on a higher level"

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Comment by xcubed, on 9-Feb-2008 22:41

It may not have AND and NOT keys, but the Programmer's Dvorak keyboard layout ( is optimised for use by coders by making the numeric keys at the top of the keyboard function as brackets primarily and numbers only when used with Shift. It also uses the Dvorak layout for the alpha keys for faster typing.

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