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AOC 212Va Monitor review

, posted: 2-Mar-2008 17:12

Well I blue the unpacking,  just did quite get it together for that moment. So no images, sorry,

Assembled it, no hassles  and connected it via DVI to a  HD2600xt DVI port.  My desktop is at 1680x1050 with a clear carm image, none of the flicker that crt monitors get. The LCD screen lag, that some older monitors have, has been reduced to near nothing.

I like how I can open a PDF document in a facing format (
side by side) and it's easy to read. It is like it is a normal book, you can see both sides of the page, collecting the information is the traditional way of books.
Gameing is good, COD4, BF2, Supreme Commander all look very big.
Movies/TV/video all look great, especially the DVD quality stuff.  smplayer has nice filters to deblock + deburing and that fixes any stretched pixels issues, even the youtube downloads look as good as TV.

The sound quality is good, not 2.1 but not at all tinny.

I discovered that I can have two computers plugged into the one monitor,  I have my vista box connected to the DVI port and the xp box connected to the VGA port. The AOC has a source button on the front, so I can swap between the two computers.

The vista box has a very clear image compared to the XP image, but the XP image might be weak, as I run the VGA into a splitter to drive up to 4 other monitors up to 25m apart. A choice of monitors is nice, but due to the splitter degrading is doesn't look too hot, can't be bothered with a direct vga test as my media-center is not like that.

The AOC 212Va Monitor, 22" LCD, 1680x1050, DVI, Speakers, Silver. It has a 3year warranty and around the $400. Shipping was fast but the Courier in my area is lame, I was home but they just left a card in the letterbox... *grrrr @ NZCouriers*

I am saving for a Digital TV decoder so I can watch all the FreeView TV and a 2nd 320g HDD (+3rd,+4th). *sounds of dreaming*

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