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Starwars of the new emergency.

, posted: 20-Feb-2008 11:45

So there's a US SPY saterllite, and it's broke and is falling to earth full of gas, that they can't vent to space and is going to hit the earth, some place and it's toxic.

Yeah, and it's got nothing to do with an opportunity to legally test there Starwars program kicked off by Mr Raygun and picked up by G.W Bush. And nothing to do with the fact that the Chinese have all ready been there in Jan 07.

Is the USA going to apply for a special exemption from the United Nations, to fire such a weapon. The Russians have said it's ok joe.

So it looks like the militarization of space has been given the go ahead.

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Comment by barf, on 21-Feb-2008 12:07

I posted this on my blog here a while back.

Last chance to view it is 22nd feb.

Comment by mobygeek, on 21-Feb-2008 13:50

I love conspiracy theories. More, I say!!!

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