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Changers to my power. Hello Tomorrow

, posted: 28-Feb-2008 01:08

I'm just shocked by the roll back in technology by Genesis energy.

I got a letter today, stating that I can pay for my electricity by text message, a credit card or Same Day Direct Debit. What a great step back for geek kind. The have increased the number of place's that I can purchase my prepaid electricity, but it's mostly new towns, so walking to my local option has not increased. I find that kind of marketing very frustrating, it's like McDonald's claiming NZ favourite chips but it's based on servings and the sell fries with everything.

Why can't they expand there use of technology instead of staying it the old school system of business the make price for electricity is on a high as the cost of oil pushes the cost of energy. even with the fear infomation of Sth Island pole out, low lakes and what ever *takes deep breathing session*

Meter Reading has started again for the prepaid customers. There was a confusing sentence about the change to the meter reading.
It goes, "This change means the we will no longer offer a $5.00 free vend if you provide an InCharge meter reading to us."
I googled for the word vend and search Genesis's website, but still don't know what that's about. It's $5 and it's Free, no more.

I might try another cup of tea and phone their Information number.

The email auto reply is friendly "Any disclosure, copying, distribution or action taken as a result of this email is prohibited and may be unlawful."

Their website is shocking to find detailed customer infomation.

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