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Google or Yahoo or Microsoft, which one is for me

, posted: 1-Mar-2008 01:27

Well, I think I'm a bit of a Google chap, I like what they are doing and on the whole there ethics and privacy issues are well managed. Yahoo is ok, they have had a few issues regarding ethics (points at guy in jail in china), Microsoft, it's just so big, the ethics are very professional (kind of neutral) and as for privacy issues, well they are so very big.

So with this mindset I have most time for google, with its apps like the doc's, presents, calender, bookmarks and the list goes on. It's not quite got the offline thing happening, but that will happen with time.

I liked flickr, but I feel yahoo broke it for me, most of the other yahoo stuff I have seen left me feeling locked down, it seemed to be inflexible and cluttered. But they are becoming more social, which is a hard thing to do with out someone else's model. But like google they are make the changes.

Microsoft, well I'm holding back on using it too much, the OS is nice and well they have some really nice stuff but in the present time they have nothing the compels my use.

Still another yeah and the whole picture could change.

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Comment by cokemaster, on 1-Mar-2008 09:44

All of them have 'privacy' issues. They all want your information and traffic.

What ever gives you the best results at the end of the day should be the one you chose to use!

Comment by Steven Mason, on 22-Jul-2008 07:48

I'm trying to find a wesite that offers the same

(or like) modules that Yahoo had before it went to its latest release, which broke all my displays and preferrences. Every module I reviewed under the new Yahoo added columns I didn't want (in the name of progress). Why do these "Experts" always have to fix things that are not broke?

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