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TradeMe it's no social.

, posted: 22-Mar-2008 11:18

It looks like TradeMe is going to start it's upgrading soon with new search options appearing in a couple of months. This could mean better regional searching and better item searching (it will know bad spelln and the like). Great.

I hope they do something at becoming more social, there message board is just S.A.D (stupid and dumb).

Recently I have been presented with "More Stuff I may like", nice. But it's SAD too, some of the stuff it pushes, it's just stupid and it's dumb because I can not communicate with it to define if TradeMe is true or false.
I would be a buzz to get a list of random things I dig. They could add other auctions to your likes as you stumble upon them while surfing for other delicious things. Then this tags like stuff could be shared with friends, making it a social environment.

I hope now the sales is over they bring back that idea of new things being rolled out in days and weeks, not months and Quarters.

It can only get better and I hope the search is nice and that they release an API for it. *dreams*

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Comment by adamj, on 23-Mar-2008 11:24

Trade Me still deploys daily (or even twice daily at times).

Have a look at this post on Rowan Simpson's Blog. Rowan is the former head of product at Trade Me and is now in a similar role over at Xero

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 23-Mar-2008 19:04

Rowans blog, the information presented was no because people art not good enough to write proper stuff to access there api, that  API = DOS and that bit about version control, do the get IT.

The deployment is a trickle system,  I want a bucket load of web2.0.

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