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TradeMe is breaking my .....

, posted: 30-Mar-2008 22:18

TradeMe is breaking my links. I am trying to see something, and want to include the manufactures website, but every time I post something ending in .html it's changes it to .h tml Also I include links to my own images are getting a free space tossed in, breaking my links.

Still the links still work for now, if posted in the comments, but that just means it's extra dilly-dallying.

Well 5 weeks to go before the new computers start to show there stuff.

A little boy waits.

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Comment by gehenna, on 31-Mar-2008 09:27

From what I understand, it's against Trade Me terms and conditions to post links in any auctions. Perhaps they have something working in the background to combat people posting links?

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 31-Mar-2008 20:50

Your mistaken, there is nothing about including links into your listing, there is this bit on,

Your obligations as a seller

4.2b You will only enter listings that are accurate, current, complete, and include all relevant information about the terms of sale.

Comment by gehenna, on 31-Mar-2008 23:28

My mistake, evidently you can post links so long as the linked site doesn't have contact details for the seller. :)

Comment by numfarr, on 1-Apr-2008 22:06

I believe it's related to the length of the URLs. It's probably some dumb word-wrapping code inserting the spaces. Try using tinyurl and/or tinypic to get shorter URLs.

[ed: added urls]

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 2-Apr-2008 00:18

Thanks numfarr for pointing out why mine broke, i'll have to use one of them url shrinkers.

Comment by adamj, on 2-Apr-2008 15:19

After 50 characters a space is inserted. The reason for this is to stop long strings of text breaking the layout of the site.

Links must still comply with T&C's

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