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Slingshot is almost there with the release of it's new plan

, posted: 15-May-2008 20:08

Slingshot is almost there with the release of it's new plans,  they have a thread on their forum New broadband plans - some of what we are planning.

The speeds like the standard connections with 5GB free each month.
They have a choice of 10GB of data or $10 worth of tolls with the plans,
which I think is nice.

The new plans have two new data concepts.
Data banking
Your monthly cap, it still expires if not use within it's month,
but the extra data that I know I always buy, it never expires
and my monthly data is always used first, so that's all good,
unless I take off for a month.
Free off-peak
There is an off peak zone between 1am to 6am 7am, where data used is free an unlimited.
The cost of data is up for the new plans (existing plans stay the same, with the same old data costs)
 5GB  for $10
20GB for $25
50GB for $50

Currently no news if there will be 100GB or 250GB blocks.

No date on where this will be released.

[edit]  These are not the final cost at this time.  It's more of a guide.

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