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Open Source comming to New Zealands Broadband map policy.

, posted: 27-May-2008 16:20

ComputerWorld reports that the State Services Commission is giving the New Zealand Broadband map an open source policy, it's part of the government budget plan of "open access and are neutral to technology " this mean's anyone can view or add layers to the mapdata, be it a school room project or a science fiction writer and workout how and where to add their new technology to the map.  Oh and professionals are aloud to play too. has been asking for beta testers,  so it could be in beta as long as some google or yahoo apps. They mentioned the release of an api level to the map data,  like youtube vids and google maps do and they are still looking for beta testers.

Favorite ComputerWorld quote "
Open source release is more likely to bring fresh ideas, says a spokesman; “with closed-source it would stay in one group of people” and their thinking might be unconsciously restricted"  not sure who was quoted though.

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