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THE HALL of SHAME - for spam, the slingshot forums

, posted: 29-May-2008 13:37

It's coming on a year since the New Zealand Herald  article about the Slingshot forum and how it was swamped-with-forum-spam.
So how is it now?  Slingshot have put in place a number of steps to stop users spamming. New users, once they pass the catcha, can post links for 10days and they also have to post ten messages.  That caused one new Slingshot admin a did of a delay before he could post useful links.  But it did stop the flood of posts into the forums, but it has not stopped the number of bot or potential spam bots from signing up and waiting for you.  If you view the members list (because it was there) you can see all the little traps. Gambling sites, growth pills (they can grow anything), cheap air tickets...  They are just waiting for some user to click.

Slingshot's latest form of dealing with this is to try and shame the users from posting on the subject the Hall of Shame
Where the users are silenced from talking about the subject on the forums of face "THE HALL OF SHAME".

There are solutions that work, like IP blocking of international IP's from joining.  But that is not be used as a solution, why?  They have the brains in operations to make it so, but no move has been made to fix it up.

It is making the forums more anti-social by have these bot trap ad's,  it's no Geekzone, they are hard-on spammers, I have read of whole countries got band within hours for spam.

I thing Slingshot needs to look at what it's giving it's users and make it a better place. 

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