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Google looked at the The World Market for Coal for power generation.

, posted: 17-Aug-2008 02:08

I found this video interesting,  more so because it was released at the same time as Nationals new energy plans. One point in the lecture from David Victor Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and Director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. David pointed out that gas produces half the carbon emissions of coal. Nationals "or yeah" has designs that produce only a 3rd compared with coal. Coal still really produces alot of nasties so is + 3 rd ok. This video points figure to the cost's of emissions and show projections for the future. Carbon sequestration is also examined in this interesting lecture from an interesting speaker. Quote Google talk:
The success of Google's "RE less than C" initiative hinges on coal (C). This talk will review major developments in the coal industry worldwide and explain why coal will be very difficult to unseat in the emerging markets where growth in consumption is most rapid. In the industrialized world the situation is different, and the recent explosion in the cost of building and operating new coal-fired power plants means that in some settings renewable energy (RE) already cheaper than coal. Yet the coal industry has never been so competitive as it is today, and it is possible that coal could remain a dominant energy source even in a carbon-constrained world. So far, however, actual investment in the new technologies needed to make coal competitive has been about two orders of magnitude less than needed.

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