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NZ Shopcity = spammers

, posted: 22-Sep-2008 14:52

I use to buy the odd thing from but have gone off there stuff,  so I unsubscribed from their mailing list.  But a week later I get another email of their specials,  so I unsubscribe agan. Another week passes and they spam me again.

If you visit don't subscribe as you will go into there spam list for ever.
Why do NZ company's break the law of the land,  it just shows how dodgy they are. = spammer

I sent an email, and they replay with this.
Thankyou for your clear and concise email. If you tell me what email address the
letters are going to or your ShopCity handle we will happily disable your account.

Why are they making it so difficult.

update:  Thanks for all the help,  I went to their website and had to fill in a contact us,  which I hope has sorted the problem.

The unsubscribe on their mailouts, doesn't work.

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Comment by wellygary, on 22-Sep-2008 15:09

Comment by Trevor, on 22-Sep-2008 15:54

EAS did the same thing to me for years, Im not even sure whether they have stopped as my spam filter at home zaps them. I "unsubcribed" so many time I lost count.

Pretty annoying though!

Comment by cisconz, on 22-Sep-2008 18:31

Ring them then they can't ignore you.

domain_Name :
Date First Registered : 2002-07-08T00:00:00+12:00
Date of Expiry : 2008-10-08T00:00:00+13:00
Date Last Modified : 2008-09-08T23:30:39+12:00

Name : Melco New Zealand Limited
Address : PO Box 30772
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 4 5609100
Fax : +64 4 5609130
E-mail :

Name : DNS Manager
Address : PO Box 30772
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 4 5609100
Fax : +64 4 5609130
E-mail :

Name : DNS Manager
Address : PO Box 30772
: Lower Hutt
Phone : +64 4 5609100
E-mail :

Name Server 1:
Name Server IP Address 1:
Name Server 2:
Name Server IP Address 2:

Comment by ictgeeknz, on 23-Sep-2008 19:07

They give three Unsubscribe options at the bottom of their mailout.

1. Reply by email and specify 'unsubscribe: email - shopcity' in the subject line.
2. Phone ShopCity on: (04) 560 9100.
3. Or if you do not wish to receive further ShopCity News you can disable this feature [Send me News from ShopCity?] box from your user profile

Maybe you have to all three, not just one? 

Comment by Psilan, on 23-Sep-2008 23:01

I talked to their support about this a week or so ago.
The unsubscribe link just didn't work at all! They fudged it.

It should have been fixed by now.

Comment by John DoZone, on 28-Sep-2008 12:43

Not sure about this kind of spam, but I've found that you can figure out what phone numbers are spammy by going to -- it's a pretty sweet resource -- local to NZ too.

Comment by ShopCity, on 25-Mar-2009 10:45

We acknowledge our unsubscribe asn't working, we have remedied it.

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