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, posted: 24-Oct-2008 23:03

Yeah,  not much to blog about.  Feels like a transmission between states.
NZ is facing an election and the government is about to swing to the right or is that centre right.
Anyway John Key looks like he will get into office and give the old baubles a bit of a flick.

As an artist, I have found the recent changes to the nz copyright act has made my research and development as an artist cut out.  This has stifled my creative channels as an artists and so, like the goverment I'm going through a change in idoligy, which is always exciting to work through.  

Slingshot, my ISP,  which have had some big changes, not all bad and not too good.  The speeds are slow, espeially if your a heavy user and download more than 10MB files at a time, because once you break that barrier then your speeds reduced to 30Kbytes per seconed  from 200KBytes.  That happen when the network has reached a load level that is called congested, because there is no more capacitay available.
Normal web surfing speed doesn't seem mess with this as the files are under 10MB.
Anyway, I changed plans,  chucked in $10 more and going to try the FS/FS out for a month, to see if I need so much speed.  Still,  they say, NEW plans in Next month LLU,  I wonder if it worth getting excited.
Good things they have, umm they have  a  beta API for users datausage

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