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Slingshot have NOD32 available for users

, posted: 16-Feb-2009 21:17

Slingshot have NOD32 available for users,  there is free 1month trail and then it will cost $5 a month which is added onto your phone bill.  Nice as easy and if you don't want it,  you can drop it at any time.

any time

You can find it under the my accounts page when you sign into Slingshots website.


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Comment by Chris, on 11-May-2010 10:31

Is there any reason my parents would be opted into this automatically? I set up their broadband and definitely did not ask for this service, and they most certainly didn't, yet they have been charged for it. Smells like a scam to me.

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 11-May-2010 12:53

That doesn't sound right. Call the Slingshot helpdesk and ask them what's going on. You could also post in the Geekzone Slingshot forum about this issue, but the helpdesk would be the place to start.

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