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Unboxing of New ASUS netbook 1001HA from Harvey Norman nz

, posted: 28-Jan-2010 17:02

I got myself a new netbook,  I could hardly resit Harvey Normans boxing day special, $288 for a netbook.

So here is the unboxing.

And some details;

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Comment by ald, on 29-Jan-2010 00:08

Hey Brett, did you know the special was coming up?  I noticed the special in the paper just before 9 in the morning and immediately called my local Harvey Norman's, they said they'd had a pallet of them and sold the lot!  Called the rest of the HN's in Auckland and Whangarei and they'd all sold out of them before 9 as well.  How on earth did everyone know about them, or was it just blind luck?

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 29-Jan-2010 18:56

I first found out about the rain checks via Twitter, someone was complaining that the boxing day sale, was still advertising the netbooks, even though they has sold out and the ad didn't mention there was limited numbers (unlike other items in the same ad).  Harvey Norman oz called the kiwi office and decleared it was an item that if unavailable it could be rain checked.

It was well debated here in this geekzone thread.

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