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Why I wont be voting for Slingshot in the Netguide best ISP award.

, posted: 15-Jun-2010 19:48

Why, because of the way your providing such a poor quality youtube performance. Their caching system is billing users for more data than necessary, if I watch a youtube clip on twitter and then click watch on youtube, Slingshot sends/bills me for another copy of the clip, when it' should use the browsers cached version. That's such a rip off. When calling the helpdesk, it takes around 30 mins or more than an hour if the centre is busy, they also say they will call back and it's very rare that they do. Their website doesn't clearly list the details, ie, big mouth calling plans, say unlimited, but it's really 80 hours. The free data periods say from 1am-7am have a random 15mins boundary, so that users can be billed for extra data at the start or end of their free data periods. So, no, I will not be voting for Slingshot in the NetGuide best ISP award.

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Comment by Buttonmash, on 15-Jun-2010 23:20

Slingshot free data period is 2am until 8am (or 4-8 or 6-8 depending on your plan).

The helpdesk and YouTube issues I agree with.  But certainly still better than Telstra's 45 minute wait times no matter what time of day you call, and YouTube that was absolutely horrendous for 9 months until they finally installed their cache (and neglected to inform users of the issue). 

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 16-Jun-2010 00:46

The older plans have the free data period from 1am-7am. But they all suffer from that 15min bug.

Comment by LukeChandler, on 17-Jun-2010 12:35

I can't say I blame you really... Their support times are just shocking... 20 minutes on hold.

Comment by richms, on 19-Jun-2010 13:46

I wont be voring for them because they seem to believe that being one of the cheapest options is an excuse for totally unacceptable internet performance between about 4pm and 11pm, and then 1am onwards as the freeleech time hits.

I cant get 20-30% of my line speed during those times, with a linespeed of 3 megs on a good day, it should be able to be saturated at any time since its only abotu 15% of what adsl2+ can deliver.

To me that says that there will be no benifit of getting the cabinet go in since I cant get what I sync at now other than in the morning on weekdays.

Comment by raytaylor, on 20-Jun-2010 17:56

Although no isp can beat a good 45 min wait time with Telstra.

I still have the feeling that since they introduced the caching, they have decreased the international bandwidth with the belief that we should all consume the same content and rely too much on the caching.

It has made alot of improvment, but the base bandwidth hasnt increased with the general increase of load.

Comment by nzbee, on 21-Jun-2010 14:23

On hold with them now... same story everytime I call... Whoops you waited longer than expected!" well just keep waiting..

I certainly hope the people on the phones dont get bonuses their stats must be terrible!!!

I call at least 3 times before I actually get to an operator, so they must get a LOT of unanswered calls!!

Still you cant really beat them for price at the moment...

Comment by Matt, on 10-Apr-2011 19:38

Slingshot by far are the worst Internet service.
I have complained quite a few many times and always got slingshot's standard response "here's a bit of free credit to shuup" without actually fixing the problem.

My latest e-mail to them (reference number is Slingshot 003998) To ask to waive disconnection fee as we have had so much trouble with them with these issues was;

sent on MARCH 1st
MARCH 8th They sent me back an e-mail saying they'd turned my e-mail into a complaint and would get back to me.
MARCH 30th E-mailed them saying we were still waiting for a reply
It is now APRIL 10th nearly a month and a half later and still no contact .

I agree with OP, Slingshot definately have a way shorter boundary within their free data cap times. If I schedule downloads to occur between 2AM-8AM and I have 5gb cap left, I can except to only have 2-3GB cap the next morning.
(This is with wireless-OFF, clean install and only 1 machine on network)
I had been thinking about making a non-biased youtube video of this as an experiment.

When i go over my cap, And onto 64Kbps dial-up speeds, This data i use is added to my cap that's a bit unfair!!

And to top it off after that, When i buy say another 5gb, ALL OF THE TIME i will find that some of it is used, and alot of the time ridiculous amounts, I have occasionally found that my whole 5gb that I just bought is used up in ONE DAY on 64Kbps... HTF?

64Kbps / 8 (8 bits in a byte)

= 8KBps theoretical download rate.

8KBps * 60 = 480KB per minute

480 * 60 = 28.8MB per hour

28.8 * 24hrs = 691.20

So 691.20MB is the maximum theoretical download at full 64KBps capped speed in ONE DAY
To download 5GB at 64KBps would take a week downloading at max every day all day.

so how am i losing almost 5GB cap while 64KBps in one or 2 days maximum?

My bill & data block usage history would show these discrepancies, does no organisation check these are done correctly?

I'm sure if there were an inquiry into ISPs and data/cap boundaries/limits/tactics Slingshot would be shut down.

I could go on but what's the point...

Along with these issues, Slingshot constantly has issues with ping, download speed fluctuating (between 2Mbps & 19Mbps, mostly in the low range), Bad international speeds, VPN throttling, Torrent throttling.

Good on OP for starting a thread. everyone should post with bad/good experience. Slingshot are IMO CRIMINALS.

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 11-Apr-2011 16:27

At Matt: Slingshots billing system is making the error. It takes up to 20mins to Slow your connection to Dialup speeds. When you run out of cap and before your line is capped is metered. And they take that data off you if you buy another datablock. If you didn't buy extra data, then it would be written off as free data. I think it stinks and needs to be fixed as there advertising says when data is all used you will get dialup speed and have no extra bills, that's incorrect.

I would say crimminal, I would say a little dodgy.

Comment by Matt, on 12-Apr-2011 10:17

Thanks for your reply :), I can appreciate Slingshot taking up to 20min to change DL rate to 64KBps.

However I am 100% positive that my dial-up speed usage is also added to this cap. I can literally watch it go up while on 64Kbps. And then when my next data block is bought, my 64Kbps usage is taken out of it :( (as well as any pre64Kbps usage)
Even 20min, the max I would download would be 1gb at full uncapped speed in the best of times. Combined with the formula above there's still no way 5gb of *unused* cap get used in 1-2days so that when i buy the next data block I have 0.00gb avail.

You remember how their there was a huge investigation years ago into finance companies & many went under. IMO this is the sort of criminals Slingshot are and if the same thing were to happen to ISPs I believe Slingshot wouldn't stand a chance but yes, probably more just dodgy than criminals.

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 12-Apr-2011 14:25

Matt: Might be time to call there helpdesk 0800892000 (use a cell phone for faster service) If your polite they my offer you a one time credit.

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