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Screen reading in Chrome with the NaturalReader

, posted: 4-Feb-2011 04:29

I have moved onto using Google Chrome as my browser after using Firefox for many years. Firefox has just become  too slow when it came to opening new windows,  but I stuck with it because of the addon SpeakIT.  Google Chrome is  fast but it doesn't have a decent screen reader and the standard screen reader that comes with my windows OS is developed for the blind and not for a learning disability like ADHD. But recently I came across free NaturalReader.  It uses a hotkey system, so you select the text you want read and hit the hotkey and the computer will read it out to you. .It is really great as it can read any text that can be highlighted, not just in Chrome, but it also works well with PDF readers and is useful for proof reading text before submitting to forums or twitter . So I give a big thumbs up to the team at NaturalSoft for making free NaturalReader.

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Comment by Athlonite, on 4-Feb-2011 16:07

Opera 11.1 does it aswell so If you get sick of google chrome try Opera instead 

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 6-Feb-2011 01:37

Opera has Text to Speech options, but the voice quality isn't as good as the Microsoft one. Also using NaturalReader means that I have Text to speech in my PDF reader (Foxit Reader) which makes reading the large pages of text less hassle. But thanks for the heads up about Opera Athlonite, I hand looked at it since the 90's and it's really pretty good.

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