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A couple of new things on my EeePC 1001HA

, posted: 25-Feb-2011 23:07

I have upgraded the ram to Two gigabytes.  The EeePC comes with 1GB an it was no hassle to buy a new DDR2 800mhz, PC2-6400, CL5, SODIMM and upgrade it. 
Was a very simple job to take out the battery, then open the ram access panel on the bottom of the netbooks and to unplugged the old ram and  plugged in the new.  Put it all together and powered up and see the 2GB of system ram.
The other this I tried out this week was ASUS Expressgate,  it's a Linux operating system that's designed to be an instant on system. Expressgate is an ASUS branded version of Splashtop.   It takes 12seconds on my machine from power on to have the web browser loaded.  I used the browser to access Google docs and found it pretty functional but not as fast as using chrome.
It also supports an Instant Messaging client and Skype, which I didn't use. 
I generally found the Expressgate a very un-configurable system and really didn't like it.
I am waiting for Google to release it's Chrome OS as it will have as fast a boot time, with a faster browser and have the ability to configure it to the users needs.

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Comment by nzsouthernman, on 28-Feb-2011 09:31

If you want a challenge, give Jolicloud a try on your EEEpc - I'd be really keen to see how you fare.

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 28-Feb-2011 15:02

Thanks for the heads up on Jolicloud, I will give it a try tonight.

Comment by Ropata, on 28-Feb-2011 23:51

I have upgraded the RAM on both of the two i own and had to do a memory test through the Bios for windows to recognize it. Strange?
I am about to send one of them back for warranty repair on the headphone jack, has anyone had any experience with Asus warranty claims?

Author's note by hellonearthisman, on 1-Mar-2011 01:27

Hi Ropata, I have windows 7 pro and didn't have any system problems with the netbook seeing the ram. As for the warranty issue, I found ASUS very good but I was dealing with them through Harvey Norman as a middle man.

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