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Jolicloud on the netbook

, posted: 1-Mar-2011 01:48

After posting about the ASUS Expressgate, nzsouthernman suggested that I check out Jolicloud. And so I have done so.  I got the torrent down as it was a quicker download for me. 
Here's a magnetic link to the torrent and if your a Slingshot user then it should (could) still be on their cache for an even faster download. windows exe install.

Ok so after downloading it was a simple process to install alongside my windows 7 install.  Took about 20mins to install.
The install did take half my available hard drive space to make a virtual drive for use by Jolicloud, which I didn't like.
The boot time was not great about 25-30 seconds which is roughly the same as win7.
Once it  was loaded then it was quite a nice interface,  it used Google Chrome browser which was fast and was base for the whole operating environment.
Most of the applications that where installed where actually web based tool which was nice but I did find it a bit of a username password overload as each application need to have it's own username and password.
Jolicloud wasn't for me,  boot time was too slow and I like local applications instead of web (cloud) applications.

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