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EASEUS Todo Backup – my favourite backup software

, posted: 4-May-2011 21:00

I've been meaning to write about this great bit of software from EASEUS.
I have found this very easy to use and total recommend it as a simple backup solution.

I like how this is an iso recovery disk C:\Program Files\EASEUS\Todo Backup\bin\image.iso
That can be installed onto a bootable usb key with
This makes  it easy to restore partitions after something really band happens.
And today the Professional version is available for free from

Jolicloud on the netbook

, posted: 1-Mar-2011 01:48

After posting about the ASUS Expressgate, nzsouthernman suggested that I check out Jolicloud. And so I have done so.  I got the torrent down as it was a quicker download for me. 
Here's a magnetic link to the torrent and if your a Slingshot user then it should (could) still be on their cache for an even faster download. windows exe install.

Ok so after downloading it was a simple process to install alongside my windows 7 install.  Took about 20mins to install.
The install did take half my available hard drive space to make a virtual drive for use by Jolicloud, which I didn't like.
The boot time was not great about 25-30 seconds which is roughly the same as win7.
Once it  was loaded then it was quite a nice interface,  it used Google Chrome browser which was fast and was base for the whole operating environment.
Most of the applications that where installed where actually web based tool which was nice but I did find it a bit of a username password overload as each application need to have it's own username and password.
Jolicloud wasn't for me,  boot time was too slow and I like local applications instead of web (cloud) applications.

A couple of new things on my EeePC 1001HA

, posted: 25-Feb-2011 23:07

I have upgraded the ram to Two gigabytes.  The EeePC comes with 1GB an it was no hassle to buy a new DDR2 800mhz, PC2-6400, CL5, SODIMM and upgrade it. 
Was a very simple job to take out the battery, then open the ram access panel on the bottom of the netbooks and to unplugged the old ram and  plugged in the new.  Put it all together and powered up and see the 2GB of system ram.
The other this I tried out this week was ASUS Expressgate,  it's a Linux operating system that's designed to be an instant on system. Expressgate is an ASUS branded version of Splashtop.   It takes 12seconds on my machine from power on to have the web browser loaded.  I used the browser to access Google docs and found it pretty functional but not as fast as using chrome.
It also supports an Instant Messaging client and Skype, which I didn't use. 
I generally found the Expressgate a very un-configurable system and really didn't like it.
I am waiting for Google to release it's Chrome OS as it will have as fast a boot time, with a faster browser and have the ability to configure it to the users needs.

Two free Applications that make Windows easier.

, posted: 6-Feb-2011 02:01

These are two applications that I have been using for awhile and find they make my windows system better.
Direct Folders is a navigation tool,  it makes it easy to find folders and files on your computer.
A quick double click pops up a menu of your favourite folder locations for direct access.  There are also other features in Direct Folders like automatic resizing of the standard file dialog and the ability to have the file dialog jump to the location of an open folder.
ClipX is a clipboard tool that manages your clipboards history,  it's so useful to have a clipboard that contains more that the last thing entered.  I have found it useful to be able to go back through the last few hundred clipboard entries to find a links I copied days earlier to share with friends.
These tools have save me time and energy and I hope you find them useful too.

Screen reading in Chrome with the NaturalReader

, posted: 4-Feb-2011 04:29

I have moved onto using Google Chrome as my browser after using Firefox for many years. Firefox has just become  too slow when it came to opening new windows,  but I stuck with it because of the addon SpeakIT.  Google Chrome is  fast but it doesn't have a decent screen reader and the standard screen reader that comes with my windows OS is developed for the blind and not for a learning disability like ADHD. But recently I came across free NaturalReader.  It uses a hotkey system, so you select the text you want read and hit the hotkey and the computer will read it out to you. .It is really great as it can read any text that can be highlighted, not just in Chrome, but it also works well with PDF readers and is useful for proof reading text before submitting to forums or twitter . So I give a big thumbs up to the team at NaturalSoft for making free NaturalReader.

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