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Wooly Mammoth v2 predicted betas soon, full release eta 55 years.

, posted: 16-Aug-2006 18:04

currently a group of japaneses scientists are scouring the russian and siberian tundra looknig for some frozen wooly mammoth,

- not a particularly strange thing-

they want to find one that has been frozen since the ice age,

- also not a particularly strange thing -

however the reason they are trying to find the frozen mammoth is to extract frozen sperm.

yes thats right, good quality, 10,000 year old mammoth semen.

interesting quest,

its very cool what they want to then do with it,

they want to inseminate a female elephant, and then do the same with the offspring meaning they could have an 88% wooly mammoth within 50 years.

they are intending on opening a park in siberia where the wooly mammoth will live along with extinct species of deer and possibly even sabre tooth cats!

On a serious note it really is interesting, it means they may be able to bring a wooly mammoth to life, my opinion?

Do it.

For sure! I love the idea that science can bring to life the creatures that soo fascinated me as a kid (and to be brutally honest they still do to this day).

A sabre tooth tiger would be seriously cool.

Lets face it, humans have damaged the world a lot, so instead of worrying about natural order lets bring em back.

Wooly mammoths = cool

Sabretooth Tigers = cool

bleeding heart, moralistic weenies crying on about whether its ethical to bring back an animal as an amusment park attraction = not cool.

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Comment by Jama, on 16-Aug-2006 19:24

But its just not ethical.

Just kidding I think it is a great idea. Now if they could just work out how to clone Velociraptors that we could release into the Beehive....

Author's note by inane, on 16-Aug-2006 20:42

hell yeah bring on the dinosaurs.

Genetically engineered ones too.

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