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, posted: 19-Aug-2006 12:42

I'm currently out and about, and I had cause to search for a few apps for my apache,

and what really stuns me is the number of mobile device and associated technology focused sites that aren't at all friendly to browsing on a mobile.

and not only that, but all the apps which don't have a .cab install option!

I mean, hell I have a pocket pc, I want to download a utility, I want to be able to install it on the go!, not have to wait until I get back home or into the office before using it,

by that stage ill just use my pc!

but the sites that do have a .cab option = u rock!

EDIT: (21/01/2007 - a list of mobile friendly sites here:

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 22-Aug-2006 18:12

Funnily enough you mention this, The WORST site of all time, The most un-PDA friendly website of all time goes to...


it's shocking how badly it works, especially as it's supposed to be "mobile friendly people", Login issues, Gloated interface and far too many tables, Poor PDA!  and HUGE web code (300 -400kBper page)  Dynamic login does not work, PM replies are dead and i have had the code delete messages among other quirks. Most other things just format funny and the ads are HUGE!

IT's only weird as the only other sites that do not work use Java and flash which is just not on the little PDA.

I tried to use Geekzone on opera tonight,,, Disaster too, nothing worked, even less than the PDA, Forum posts? forget it.

Comment by freitasm, on 23-Aug-2006 08:25

If you want to use Geekzone on Opera simply turn off the RTF Editor - go to your Profile page and update it there.

As for being PDA friendly, well it isn't. No surprise there.

Comment by Tami, on 30-Mar-2007 10:15

You should also check out's a new mobile entertainment network that allows you to upload and share videos and pictures. They've teamed up with Warner Brothers for a contest involving the movie 300, as well as one for Xprize. They got content from XtremeVideo, DDR, and musicians such as Bare Naked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, Meatloaf, and Buckcherry. WEB: PHONE:

Comment by Keith, on 17-Apr-2007 14:56

Have a look at It's a mobile hybrid site in that most of the time you use it at your desk, but it is designed to create shared lists that you then pull up on your mobile while shopping.

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