Mobile devices, Planets and the Human Condition

Now the Moon is lining up to become a planet as well...

thats right, give it a bit longer and the moon will qualify as a planet...

well maybe "a bit longer" is a bit of an exaggeration,

now things are starting to get a bit silly, yet I guess still intriguing,

according to researcher Gregory Laughlin, at the University of California, eventually the moon will eventually qualify as a planet under the proposed definition,

currently the moon is moving away from the earth at a centimetre or two a year, so in a billion years or so the centre of gravity between the earth and the moon will have shifted outside of earth and will be in the middle of the two,

at that point the Moon will qualify as a planet.

ok, so thats an interesting fact, but next to useless as a consideration for the current debate, really, because lets face it, the sun could go nova before then.

and the entire solar system will be totally different.

Even though the debate is quite crazy, I think it will do lots of great things for astronomy over all as the debate over what is a planet has definitely got people thinking, engaging and debating about the planets a whole lot more, which is bringing its profile back up.

and that can only be a good thing.

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