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Desktop comfort.

, posted: 27-Aug-2006 15:26

how much thought do you put into comfort at your desktop?

I have been working extended hours lately, both in at work and from home,

and it has had me thinking more and more about productivity and flow.

I have come to the firm belief that ergonomics are truly important,

now Im not talking your run of the mill, wristpads and bent chairs.

what I am referring to is Comfort.

I think the more comfortable I feel, and the less negative resistance and effort I need to put it at my work station the more free flowing my ability to work is.

which is why it surprises me that most companies are so reluctant to spend the money where its needed.

unless you get an OSH inspection to say so, a majority of companies will skimp as much as possible on Mice, Keyboards, Chairs and desks.

in my line of work I think its should be considered regular for my employer to spend $450USD on a specialised keyboard that will give me the most comfort and productivity,

lets face it, out of everything I am doing day in day out,

there are four things that I use to access everything else.





yet,  if you really investigate it, most companies will be adverse to investing in these areas.

I do a lot of coding and data  design as part of my daily job,,

but If I want to have dual display, I am the one who needs to purchase a second video card, and supply the second monitor,

even though this has been proven to have a 40% productivity increase in regular office workers let alone IT workers.

to give my place of employment their due though, they have also brought in a chair consultant to fit me up with a chair that is proportioned correctly for me,

which is absolutely fantastic.

for now though I'll be continuing to supply my own keyboard and mouse.
and I'll be typing in Dvorak, and thats because that flows for me.

Id be keen to know what other IT workers out there have found, does your employer listen and respond to suggestions on increasing productivity and efficientcy??

or like many places I know of, do you get written off because you want more "gadgets" or "toys"??

(ok so that can be part of it sometimes. but still, you would think if its important enough to supply your own, that they would get the idea!)

thoughts? comments?

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Comment by alasta, on 27-Aug-2006 15:54

I'm really not happy with my tools. My computer is five years old and is woefully inadequete for the tasks that I perform, my keyboard is a 'leftover' which was pulled out of a box of spares when I joined the company, and my mouse is a $20 optical cheapie which was purchased only when I complained that my old ball-driven mouse started sticking. I also have some concerns about the fact that I'm still using a CRT monitor, considering that LCD alternatives are now very cheap and pose a much lower radiation risk.

In all fairness, though, my desk and chair are of a high standard despite their age. My only complaint in this area is that I would have preferred a chair without arms because I find it hard to resist the temptation to rest my body weight on one arm, but this is a personal preference. My employer also deserves credit for supplying telephone headsets, as this makes staff less inclined to engage in the practise of cradling a regular phone handset between their ear and their shoulder.

Comment by MaliciousTheCat, on 31-Aug-2006 19:10

I'm not sure about ergnomoncs and the such, but sitting at home on your brother's lazyboy sure makes for a comfortable computer experience

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