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Ready to be burned at the Stake? - cos FACT want to, so does the IMPA

, posted: 28-Aug-2006 16:22

Are you ready to be burned at the stake?

because the Federation Against Copyright Theft wants to burn you at the stake
so does the International Motion Picture Association.

*dont get me wrong, I dont agree with copyright theft. I dont like my ip stolen*

this is going to be a modern version of the spanish Inquistion, or the 1600s witch hunts.
and I bet they will be attempting to burn a lot of people at the stake.

Further more they will be collecting all this datamining information to try and find "pirates", however most of it will be on totally legitamate people.

what will they do next?

well they will want to fund their "hunt"

what better to do than to sell their ill-gotten booty to nefarious advertisers, (possibly good advertisers too)

without the say so of the people they have illegally invaded the privacy of.

where will the watchdog be? the Privacy commissioner will not be good enough. 

if it is not prevented by the privacy commission then steps will need to be taken.

 Accourding to stuff story@,2106,3777308a28,00.html

says and I quote:
The New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft (NZfact), the international Motion Picture Association's representative here, will use the software to identify pirates by their IP address – a computer's unique identity, "

sometimes an ip address identifies a computers unique Identity, 

but there is no way that they will be able to pull this off without a hell of a bluff.

they cant conclusively prove that your computer wasnt for example as part of a botnet,

or hijacked via a trojan.
without having spyware on your machine itself.

something more disturbing in that article was:

Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff said computer users could ask her to investigate as the software intruded into their personal space. But it was unclear if the software breached existing law because an IP address identified a computer that could be used by more than one person.

What the hell? i dont care if my computer is used by 5 people in my house hold.

As far As I am concerned thats violating the privacy of all 5 of those people!!

and now I am getting mad.

I will be putting together a letter to the privacy commissioner which I will post here soon.

lets see if civil channels work before moving forward.

Im a wee bit upset about the extra LATENCY and stealing MY bandwidth, and causing more internet pollution.

Im furious about the invasion to my privacy.

the next step will be to fight fire with fire and create an application that will track the NZFACTs activity and keep note of whos privacy they are invading, and what sort of illegal activities they are undertaking.

there are more steps to follow. but we can try the system first.


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Comment by mike, on 28-Aug-2006 18:21

Be easier to not steal movies and music, no?

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