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A letter to NZFACT and Clarifying My position

, posted: 28-Aug-2006 18:55

in response to a flippant comment by "mike" on the post

I do not support Copyright theft, patent infringement, Intellectual Property theft or abuse,

nor do I steal music or Movies.

I worked for many years in the Games Development industry, an industry that has been hurt more by piracy than possibly any other, (especially regarding PC games)

I absolutely abhor copyright theft - it really upsets me on a number of levels.

However, I also have an intense belief that my privacy is a near-sacred thing, and that I be allowed the right to choose what companies I allow to datamine and profile me.

I intensely abhor the base attempts that NZFACT are making at legitimising criminal invasions of privacy by announcing it publicly and using high profile examples of theft to umbrella clear it.

I think that the thieves and sewer rats such as John Houston,

(who caused untold damage to local industry and those abroad) should be publicly flogged.

I dont know what NZFACT plan to do with the data they collect,
it will not take long before they are funding their efforts to catch crooks by selling profiling data to third parties,

where too then?

I have not been consulted, and I will fight the legitimisation of a greater evil in order to catch a lesser evil.

lets face it, professional content pirates are not going to go to google and search for "Chicken Little"

they have contacts at the publishing houses, they have guys who get tickets to the movies on the first day of release and film it using a cam (screener)

and they have well established distribution networks which dont link to peer to peer apps or google or the general internet in a standard way at all.

they would not have caught John Houston that way, he had a "Gold" copy of Siones Wedding,

and a majority of these pirates are the same.

so get real NZFACT, get some real thinkers on the team who actually know how to get the bad guy.

stay the hell outta my privacy and I'll keep purchasing dvds, going to the movies, and kicking my mates a**ses when they copy games instead of buying them.

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