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Apologies for the delay in the next update.

, posted: 3-Oct-2006 11:49

I am currently working on the next promised update, unfortunately the real world (and the day job) tend to get in the way from time to time.

next update before the end of the week.

(as a random fact, today I have pressed 6223 keys.. more now.)

quick rough of keys pressed:
E: 323
T: 252
A: 254
S: 210
O: 193
I: 187
ENTER: 164
D: 148
Z: 4

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Comment by chiefie, on 3-Oct-2006 13:00

hmm interesting. how do you keep track of that? got a keylogger-sort of miniapp that i can download and track the keys i used?

Author's note by inane, on 3-Oct-2006 13:18

absolutely, if u look at my last blog post ( and the wone before that I discuss it there, but ill have a full version up soon, just polishing some bits and pieces up before publishing

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I'm a professional Geek, and also in my own time, I am likely to write about all manner of things on this blog.
Of late I haven't updated this place much, but I need to do some revamping and dust off the cobwebs a bit. so thats what I'll do. going to aim for a minimum of three times a week updated here to begin, then perhaps head towards every day!

Who knows! 

but for now I hope you enjoy what you read, and that I aid the constant novelty and stimulus to your brain that the internet provides us all, in a way nothing else can!

I am likely to comment on everything here, but my current topics of choice are

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