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Big Brother is Watching... but so are all your little brothers too... (Predictions Part 4)

, posted: 22-Dec-2006 15:09

I have been conducting a bit of an informal survey, and sure enough, most people would get chipped if necessary. 

One of the scenarios that I have touted is the following (this has been more towards computer type people as well”

“lets say you joined a new company, and they recommended that you had a small rfid implanted into one of your hands, they didn’t require it, however if you didn’t have one you would struggle to access a lot of areas and you would need to bother someone every time you wanted to get into the server room, or go out to the bathroom and come back you would need to interrupt someone else’s time to get in and out”

And as you would expect, everyone has said “yeah, probably”, not a single person has said they wouldn’t get the chip.

Because, if it’s a hand implant, then it can be removed in the same way you would a splinter effectively.

In-fact a number of people have even said they would like to have that instead of their credit card, house key, door key, etc.

And let’s face it; if we are going to end up in a tracked society, where you will always be profiled, it’s got to be better to be tracked by something that is reasonably easy to remove and replace. 

But what will come next? Will the next step be that they want you to have the chip implanted in your upper arm (as discussed in an earlier article) so that there’s less chance of damage to the chip? Would people be as open to that sort of implant? The implications are endless.

Tracking and datamining… 

In a lot of cases, RFID’s don’t contain personally identifiable information, at least not as such..
Most of them contain encrypted data or an id key and that’s fantastic, until you think a little further, 

Let’s say you have a store card, and it has an embedded RFID – and you have an RFID implant. 

They get the signature of the implant as you hand your store card across, or even when you are standing at the counter.

Using fairly straight forward fuzzy logic they could work out who you are with some fairly simple coding, they could use more complex stuff to get a better match. 

One way this could be achieved is demonstrated in the diagram below:

And to make it worse I'm sure it wont be long before you have a EULA when out shopping,

"By entering this store you agree that we may collect and distribute non-identifying information about you and you purchases and shopping habits in order to improve your shopping experience."

A final Thought, and it'd be great if you could post your answer in the comments,

Would you get a chip installed if your work required it?

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Comment by JamesForman, on 22-Dec-2006 16:59

I would, but not RFID.. Maybe something more.. classy
/me goes to anonymously bitch on Geekzone forums

Comment by juha, on 22-Dec-2006 19:24

I thought everyone had implants? You mean you don't? I mean am I the only one? AAAIIIEIEIEIAIAIIEIEEE!!!!

Comment by Annamarie, on 28-Dec-2006 11:48

No, I would not get an RFID. I am wholeheartedly against the Orwellian nightmare. If my employer required implants, I would rather quit my job. Enough is enough!!!

Comment by tony bair, on 9-Jan-2007 03:03

i like the way u put all this.. strikes a chord! fuck this RFID shite, I read about it 4 years ago and it broke my heart cos its true. *sigh* *slits wrists*

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