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Transformers 2007 the movie.

, posted: 3-Jan-2007 11:12

Coming in April this year is the Transformers Movie,

I for one am waiting with baited breath to see if they'll do a good job of it - firstly,

and secondly if they will be gearing it towards the same group who used to watch it back in its heyday.

over at the transformers movie site they ran a competition for things that Optimus Prime would say in the movie,

the number one has been picked, and the top ten have been recorded by peter cullen., the top phrases are:

Winner (number 1):

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings"

2. "thats how I roll"
3. "Autobots Transform and roll out"
4. "This World Should learn from its own mistakes, not ours"
5. "One shall stand... One Shall fall"
6. "It's Prime Time"
7. "Alpha Trion said there would be days like this"
8. "now all we need is a little energon and a lot of luck"
9. "Your on the wrong side of the blaster to chapion that, Decepticon"
10."There's A thin line between being a hero and being a memory"

you can listen to the voice recordings here: 

read more here:

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Comment by Ged, on 4-Jan-2007 13:22

I *think* the movie is actuallu being released in July (July 4th), not April... looking forward to it though!

Author's note by inane, on 4-Jan-2007 13:49

Your completely correct. dammit, I forget abt the American date format sometimes, so its actually 4.7.07 rather than 7.4.07.


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