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1TB Drives announced by Hitachi

, posted: 7-Jan-2007 08:51

Hitachi have annouced, just before the start of the CES in Las Vegas, the first consumer available terabyte hard drive.

Along with the Deskstar 7K1000 for the retail market, Hitachi is also announcing today a CinemaStar version 1TB hard drive, which provides optimized capabilities specifically designed for digital video recording (DVR) applications. Consumers have come to rely on their digital video recorders (DVRs) to record and store their favorite programs, and with the increasing availability of high-definition (HD) TV programming, 1TB of storage will become a necessity.

"The industry's first one-terabyte hard drive represents a milestone that is 50 years in the making, and it reasserts the hard drive's leadership as the highest-capacity, lowest-cost storage technology," said Shinjiro Iwata, chief marketing officer, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. "In the 51 st year, Hitachi is leading a new era for hard drives -- not only providing large amounts of affordable storage, but also customizing and optimizing hard drives to deliver products that are smarter, more durable and more useful to the consumer."

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Comment by freitasm, on 7-Jan-2007 10:44

I have a Maxtor 1TB HDD (RAID 0,1)... It's been available for 9 months now...

Author's note by inane, on 7-Jan-2007 10:51

the maxtor is two drives though isn't it?

Comment by sbiddle, on 7-Jan-2007 11:04

Wow.. imagine backing that thing up to floppys! :-)

Comment by freitasm, on 7-Jan-2007 12:29

Yes, two 500GB 2 x 500GB drives (RAID 1) or 1TB x 2 500GB (RAID 0)

Author's note by inane, on 7-Jan-2007 13:09

yep, so hitachi are still first to the market with a 1tb single drive, even though its not the first terabyte consumer product :)

Comment by SantaCruz, on 8-Jan-2007 21:35

Lacie has figured out how to pack 2 TB into an 11 lb external unit ($900). I love my 500 GB Lacie Big Disk external drive. I wonder why this article doesn't mention dimensions, interface or price of the new 1 TB HD: "Hitachi's new $400 drives -- available in SATA II or PATA 133 varieties, with differing speed modes, a 32MB buffer, quieting accoustics, SMART, and a 7200rpm spindle speed -- will hit the market running in Q1 of this year." (and i'm guessing the drive is standard 3.5") If you're going to buy a TB HD, you really ought to be supporting SATA, not stuck on PATA. 7200 RPM has been the standard for how long now? I hope we make 10k RPM economical soon. 32MB buffer is cool. I have had 1.35 TB connected to my home PC for more than a year so this doesn't seem like a revolutionary concept but i do appreciate the manufacturers response to our ever-increasing appetite for capacity. I think $400 is extremely affordable for this and I am very surprised at this price point. If only my mobo had more SATA 2 ports... I could get 10 of these!

Comment by Norman Speight, on 9-Jan-2007 04:37

Interesting but I wouldn't buy. I purchased a 60GB HDD made by Hitachi. It went wrong after just eight months, well, nothing unusual in that, these things happen, but. When I contacted Hitachi for a replacement and faxed them the purchase receipt they told me that it was not guaranteed as it was not purchased from 'an authorised source'. This was a well known shop in the biggest shopping centre for IT products in the UK (Tottenham Court Road in London). I imagine that the 1TB drives would be expensive, even more expensive if Hitachi did not honour any guarantees as they did with me

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