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Britain to go to the Moon, or at least thats the Plan.

There is quite a lot of quiet news occurring in the world of science and tech, far away from the glitz and glamour of the CES and MacWorld,

Britain reviews a proposal to send missions to moon with the eventual goal of manned bases.

This has been floating around the syndication feeds and blogosphere for the last couple of days or so.

If the decision is made to move forward with this I think it will be one of the first great moves of the century truly advancing the human race.
provided they follow through and get a moon base.

lets face it, it has to be a momentus occasion in history and will be remembered forever, as the first non-earth settlement of man-kind.

At this particular point in time, it is of course only a suggested plan, and no proposal or workforce is in place, but there is always hope.

The plan goes like this,

To begin with missile like probes will be fired at the moon, packed full of instuments to enable investigation in all manner of areas across the moon furthering research and knowledge of the moon.

following that would be a less "hard - Impact" mission "moonraker" which would perform further testing and investigation, effectively data gathering,

building up to manned lunar missions, and eventually manned lunar bases.

the plan was presented by a consortium of scientists and engineers from Universitys and Industry in UK after a two day workshop on space exploration.

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