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Hybrid Human Animal Cloning - decision deferred to the public.

, posted: 12-Jan-2007 14:10

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (UK) has deferred any decision on hybrid Human-Animal Cloning
You are reading correctly, this topic will become one of the most controversial yet, especially within the camps of the anti - human cloning, imagine the outcry at hybrid animal-human cloning.

The approach being taken is commendable, although it has many pro's and con's,

that is of course the approach being taken to decide whether or not to proceed with experimentation, which rather than allowing the two purely polarised sides to argue the cases, they are taking it a step further and opening it for public consultation - which is good and bad.

idealistically this sort of approach would be the best every time, unfortunately its not, there will be hundreds of scaremongerers who will simply read the headline, and then make up all the details for themselves,

and eventually as in all these types of debates it is whoever has the best PR / Scaremongering campaign that wins the day,

rather than the decision being based on the thought through, well informed opinion of the general populace.

At this point in time we don't even know if it is possible for hybrid human-animal cloning to occur - however that is where the public consultation is a good thing,

To quote Jurassic Park:
"You were too busy thinking about if you could, that you never stopped to think about if you should"

The team who are seeking permission from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, are much happier though that the decision go to public consultation, rather than be banned outright, as one would imagine.

the cloning they wish to attempt is not as creepy / cool  (depending on your mindset) as it sounds, what they are hoping to achieve is to generate human embryonic stem cells with the help of Animal cells.

I'll be following this debate with much interest in the coming months as no doubt the decision made in the UK is likely to become a milestone and and example to follow for many other countries faced with the same debate.

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