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Why we havent discovered / been discovered by Aliens.

according to a lot of people we already have been visited by aliens,
and there are those that are prepared to publicly and unwaveringly claim they have been visited,

however I'm not so sure, but at the same time I don't know so I make no judgement on them, nor do I make any judgement on Area 51 or the events that occurred at Roswell - etc.

however making the assumption that the conspiracies are not true, I would like to offer my personal predictions about why we haven't met or been discovered by intelligent life from another planet.

1. Distance - this is a totally obvious one, our galaxy is approx 20,000 parsecs across, or in more human terms (with a totally incomprehensible number) 6.1713605 × 1017 kilometres across.
Thats a fairly staggering number, 617136050000000000KM.
Currently we don't know of physics that would enable us to explore any region that big with any sort of capability.

Slashdot discussed a paper that went into depth about this particular theory, so I won't cover it too much, however lets face it, we are struggling to explore our solar system - which is kind of like struggling to search an empty matchbox, versus mapping each molecule in the sea and seabed.

2. We are the aliens.
my personal view, that I like to have even though there is no way for it to be based in any sort of factual arena is the reason that we have not been visited by aliens, or communicated with aliens is because we are the first and fastest evolving, and that it will be us exploring the galaxy and the universe and finding other civilizations, bringing them up to date etc.

"I can visualise a world without war, without violence, a place of peaceful cooperation and calm.... I can see us attacking and invading that world because they'd never see it coming and wouldn't stand a chance"

lets face it, in all probability it is just as likely that we are the most advanced intelligent lifeform in the galaxy if not the universe as it is that we are run of the mill middle of the road or even slow to develop.

as we have not discovered any other intelligent life, we can only postulate on what is the probable cause for this.

3. lack of funding.
It could also be that intelligent lifeforms elsewhere face the same beauraucratic issues that we do and never have enough funding or budget to explore on a wider scale, so instead of exploring the whole haystack, the can only explore part of one peice of hay at a time.
(needle in a haystack etc.)

so thats my thoughts at a glance on why we haven't been visited or discovered intelligent life.

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Comment by bradstewart, on 1-Feb-2007 13:36

Don't forget the view that most of us have. We are the only intellegent life forms out there. There are no aliens.

Author's note by inane, on 1-Feb-2007 13:51

I disagree completely with you brad, I think Most people believe that there is alien life out there somewhere in the universe,

and a slighly lower proportion of people believe that there is intelligence occurring somewhere in the universe that doesn't originate from earth.

Comment by bradstewart, on 1-Feb-2007 15:12

Sorry I should said, the view that us SANE people have...

*tongue in cheek.

Honestly though some of us just believe in a higher being, not other beings.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 1-Feb-2007 16:53

even if you believe in a higher being, could he surely not have created the same thing elsewhere in the universe? Id wager that the amount of times i have heard the phrase "he works in mysterious ways" would indicate that even believers are aware that they dont get told everything...

I think its a certainty that SOME form of life not from earth exists elsewhere... even if only bacteria, or single celled creatures that have not yet evolved.

In the timeframes of the Universe, we are no more than a camera flash during a lifetime...

Author's note by inane, on 1-Feb-2007 17:05

there is no basis in any of the mainstream religions that I am familiar with that discount the possibility of life not originating on earth,

I am reminded of the HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy and the quote:

It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, but that not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as makes no odds, so if every planet in the universe has a population of zero, then the entire population of the universe must also be zero, and any people you may meet from time to time are merely the products of a deranged imagination.

Comment by KJ, on 1-Feb-2007 19:08

Of course there is a big assumption being made there - that Human Beings are an intelligent life form... After many years working in customer service of one kind or another, I would beg to differ

Comment by Grant17, on 1-Feb-2007 22:36

LOL KJ, you brought some much-needed humour to this debate

Telecom vs Voda or MSFT vs Linux are REALLY TAME issues compared with the contention this sort of debate is likely to generate.

In the end we'll have to agree to disagree I suspect.

Comment by James Torrence, on 5-Feb-2007 06:01

These arguments are bogus. No one is talking about exploring the ENTIRE GALAXY. This is what is known as a 'straw man argument'; make a premis that is easy to knock down and then fradulently apply it to the case in point. Aliens dont have to be more than 100 lightyears close to be able to get to us with ease...but I wont bother you with the facts. If you want to get an idea of what travelling in space would be like for aliens, download Celestia. With it you can get a feel of what travelling between stars would really (and is really) like. Quite apart from that, the evidence that some (underlined thirty times) UFOs are the spacecraft of alien explorers is beyond refuting. Just because you have not seen this evidence does not mean that it A)exists and B)proves the premise absolutely. For heavens sake, cant you use The Google?!

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