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SPB Software House Releases SPB Mobile Shell, A bit of additional Detail.

, posted: 7-Feb-2007 09:31

Spb Software House, the leading Pocket PC software developer, unveils Spb Mobile Shell.

The Pocket PC user interface has not been significantly changed for the last six years. Originally the Pocket PC was a PDA designed for stylus navigation and long but infrequent periods of general use. It has since evolved into many things, including a phone. Along the way, though the people who use a Pocket PC and the tasks it is made to perform have changed, the main interface has not. The goal of Spb Mobile Shell is to close this gap between the old Pocket PC interface and one people should expect from such a smart, modern and powerful device.

Spb Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of Windows Mobile. It dramatically improves the standard interface and adds features that most would expect from a modern PDA phone. This program is designed for ROM and it will not be a surprise if in a little while most Windows Mobile devices will bundle this operating system upgrade taking the Pocket PC user interface to the next level. Therefore, Spb Mobile Shell is the first program a Pocket PC user should install on a device running plain Windows Mobile.

*** Target Audience ***

Spb Mobile Shell targets people who need the power of a Windows Mobile phone, but are not happy with the standard Pocket PC user interface. It is designed with phone users in mind. All scenarios were evaluated with the understanding that the Pocket PC is first and foremost a convergence device. However, Spb Mobile Shell will work well on a Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC without phone. Non-phone users might use it differently. For example, you might want to use a more complex configuration on your Today screen and may not use the Now Screen as often as phone users will.

*** Designed for ROM ***

Spb Mobile Shell was designed as a product that an OEM can ship in ROM, as is. In fact, once you install this program you may think that this is an ideal program to come pre-installed on a device. It even makes more sense for those regular users who never buy software online.

Spb Software House has worked with OEMs in the past, and knows they have tough requirements for resident software to reside in ROM. For example, many ISVs do not care about subtle issues such as the amount of available virtual memory inside the process named device.exe. As a result, if too many third-party applications are installed on a modern 3G HTC device, your favorite SIP might not work anymore even when there is enough program memory available. In designing a product for ROM, from the very beginning of development Spb Software House takes great care to consider all of these issues and potential impacts to your device.

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