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Three Cheers for Microsoft. Take a Bow, winner of the correct decision by a large corporation award.

, posted: 9-Feb-2007 12:07

There is a sensationalistic article in the 08/02/2007 Dominion Post stating "Privacy Defence Delays Police" and "Microsoft Resists passing on Xbox burglars details"


The article then goes to waffle on about Microsoft claiming to not be an New Zealand country and not under NZ Jurisdiction - a moot point.
"Microsoft New Zealand product manager Thomas Hunt said privacy and safety of customer information was a "huge issue" for the company and the details could not be handed out. Though he conceded it was a criminal matter, Microsoft's international policy required a court order before details could be passed to police. "We genuinely would like to help as much as possible," he said."

Microsoft continue to refuse to hand across all the details until the Police got a court order, (enabling them to arrest the 14 year old boy)

Fantastic. I want to see more of it.

In this day and age it is extremely important that companies such as Microsoft and Google are very defensive about their data and it’s reassuring to see them acting publicly about it.

The press did a great job of painting things in a bad light, as they are wont to do but once you read between the lines you start to realise what a good thing Microsoft were doing.

We all accept that there is a limit to how independent you can be especially being a company such as Microsoft, but they need to set a precedent, requiring a court order from any country to provide data about their customers otherwise there could be all manner of trouble,

Imagine if a country such as China decided to demand Microsoft hand across all their information on everyone,
That could be some serious intelligence, and effectively munitions when you think about the logistical nature of it.

Companies such as Microsoft and Google really hold the key, and they need to stick to their guns when it comes to protecting their clients, something like this Xbox case may sound insignificant until you start to look at the bigger picture.

If it got leaked that Microsoft handed across data without a court order, what would that do for their PR?
Not much at all,
Microsoft are already constantly fighting against the continuous waves of "Anti - MS" when all in all they are a hell of a lot less evil than companies like Sony,
who are a large part of the RIAA, have root kitted their customers and all sorts,
Yet companies such as Sony face far less resistance than Microsoft.

If Microsoft had complied with the request and handed across the information without requiring a court order and that information got out,
It would be across the internet like a stone in a pond with outcries and mutterings everywhere, whereas the approach that was taken was the best they possibly could,

they said: "No. come back with a court order"

The Police came back with a court order and they handed across the information,
and everyone says "fair enough"

At the end of the day you can only do so much to resist the powers that be,
At least up until the point that you are able to run large companies without having a base in the country, which, my friends, we are a long way away from.

The only possible thing that companies such as MS and Google could do to further protect their data,
 is to have all the data stored in independent sovereign states that are ruled and owned by the companies themselves (don't worry this will definitely happen).
 And then have the company wide policy that the data is not handed across to anyone for any reason,
And should a national law get in the way they can simply state that the information is not stored in the country and laws of the country where the information is being stored prevent the information being shared.

That finishes my rambling diatribe for now. more to come? who knows. 

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