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Virgin to Launch Games service like iTunes.

, posted: 13-Feb-2007 10:20

Virgin Games and GDI forge alliance for digital distribution of games

Virgin Games ( today announced a partnership with Games Domain International (GDI) to offer a revolutionary service to PC gamers.

Together, Virgin Games and GDI will launch a unique gaming proposition, using break-through technology that offers gamers access to a range of multi-format games. The new service enables games to be delivered online via a proprietary streaming technology that does away with downloading large files.

The new platform will enable any PC game to be distributed digitally to customers, making piracy virtually impossible and potentially saving content owners millions in lost revenue.

The set up will provide a publisher with the means to both monetise their back catalogue and launch new products at very low conversion cost. Consumers will have a range of options, including games-on-demand rental, direct purchase and skill-based multiplayer tournaments.

Simon Burridge, Chairman of Virgin Games, said:

“This partnership will combine ground breaking technology with Virgin Group’s marketing and strategic expertise to create a digital distribution and marketing service for PC games publishers – bringing both new revenue streams and new customers.

“Our partnership with GDI is both an exciting step into a new marketplace, and a defining content move with strong potential for link up across the Virgin Group, particularly given the recent ‘quad play’ merger of Virgin Mobile and NTL/Telewest.”

Virgin Games believes that the GDi platform will revolutionise what is already one of the fastest expanding markets in the entertainment industry. The company has started negotiations with the major games publishers, as well as other partners to help exploit the platform’s full potential.

Virgin Games and GDi plan to launch worldwide in March 2007.


The above press release was released last year, but with the date fast approaching I for one am quite excited about the new service,

lets face it if anyone is able to bring such a service to fruition and do it with style, its got to be Branson and his Virgin companies.

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Comment by freitasm, on 13-Feb-2007 10:29

And how is this "breakthrough technology" different from Steam?


Author's note by inane, on 13-Feb-2007 10:34

I'm discussing that in my next update, the plan is to compete initially with faster download speeds, better user interface, prizes like trips to space, the moon, etc. better security,

but also to have it graduate into becoming a 3D virtual world where you can get games on demand in seconds or minutes rather than tens of minutes or hours.

so you are correct that they'll be competing againts services such as steam to begin with, but they also plan to run world wide tournaments with huge prize pools along with the aforementioned prizes.

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