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How to Make Chainmail or Maille

, posted: 18-Feb-2007 16:38

Inanes guide to making ChainMail.

Some people consider me to be a bit strange, and others consider me just a bit "inane" - hence the alias, but there are all manner of things that I find cool and / or interesting.

that includes medieval weaponry and armour.

now I don't know a great deal about it, however the internet and your local library is a great resource.

One thing that I do know, that I thought I would share with the world is how to make chainmail, however I cant give the credit to the internet or a library, a person who was once very close to me showed me how to make chain mail.

Chainmail is great, you can use it for making cool chain shirts when you lose touch with reality and can't tell the difference between world of warcraft and the real world and decide you need to go level up in the wilderness (had to have a digg at those who suggest that video games influence behaviour such as people stealing cars and blaming it on grand theft auto) or if you are looking for that extra meaningful thing to do for your girlfriend, boyfriend, Husband, wife or significant other,

you can purchase some silver (or gold or platinum) rings and make a nice little chain mail bracelet or necklace yourself for that personal touch.

once you have practiced enough there are plenty of sites around the web that have the details on how to do more complex patterns.
if you are looking for materials follow this link or look to the bottom of the page for a link to get the more exotic materials.

anyway, its easy and pretty cheap.

first off you'll need some tools, I use the following:

Pliers: (I picked up a set from Dick smith for about $15 NZD - they aren't great but do the job)

traight Jewellers / Electrical pliers:

Bent Jewellers / Electrical Pliers:

Bent Pliers side on

The other thing you may wish to do is make your own rings, to do this purchase some wire from your local hardware store, this can be anything you like, many people recommend galvanised fencing wire as it doesn't rust. wind it tightly around a circular object, (such as a dowel rod) and then cut along one side. I'll post up some links shortly to sides which go into more detail.

firstly go through your rings and bend every 5th ring so that it is open much like the picture below, the others you will want to bend so there is no gap between the ends.

Take four close rings and place them onto the open ring.
Once you have done this use the pliers to close the opne ring and you should have something like this:

Take another open ring, pass it round the two rings on the right so that those two rings are connected to first ring which you closed.
then pass one closed ring to the top and one closed ring to the bottom of the opening, this should mean you have four connected to your open ring.

Use your pliers to close the open ring and you should have something like this with a row of three along the top, two through the middle, and three across the bottom.

From this point you can keep expanding your chainmail, vertically or horizontally dopending on what you wish to make.
below shows how you would connect a fourth and fifth row down.
same as before, loop and open ring through two closed connected rings, loop two close rings onto it and then close it.

You can keep on going and going with this and make whatever you like, the picture below shows what you end up with if you keep going for a little while.

so there you have it. its really quite straight forward, although the first parts are the worst as they can become quite fiddly and tangle, but once you get a few rings on there it becomes simply a matter of holding the rings up and shaking them and they come untangle really quickly.

they also start to feel really cool in the ways they just flow together almost like liquid.

The best place to order materials, equipment and supplies online is

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Comment by juha, on 18-Feb-2007 22:12

Is this why your undies made that jangling sound at Geekzone 06?

Author's note by inane, on 19-Feb-2007 08:43

cool in the summer and safe from random bobbitisation

Comment by freitasm, on 19-Feb-2007 10:59

Except when you have to be strip searched in the airport lines...


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